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Tamar to Exe IBDA

The Tamar to Exe (T2E) partnership is a new collaboration that will bring together a wide group of people to do more for nature in the Tamar to Exe area over the next few years in response to new challenges laid out as part of the England Biodiversity Strategy. The area lies between the Tamar and Exe rivers and from the southern boundary of Dartmoor National Park to the sea. From a wildlife perspective it contains examples of many nationally important habitats, from ancient woodlands to heathlands; species rich grasslands to sea grass beds and estuaries.

There are many projects already underway in the area, however these approaches alone have not proved sufficient to fully meet the wildlife aspiration and needs to secure good ecosystem functioning and a thriving wildlife. Resources and funding are becoming limited and new ways of working across sectors to deliver multi-partner multi-objective projects offer potential added value and a route to helping to secure a sustainable future for outputs that need exploring and testing. The T2E partnership will creatively blend skills, knowledge, and perspectives into a network that collaborates, organises, influences; prioritises 'what works' and adds value to current work whilst helping to shape future delivery. It will take a different and innovative approach to doing more for biodiversity. A number of partners have come together to help drive this project forwards, see an outline partnership structure in Appendices which is being used to help foster and drive the early days of the partnership. This page contains some of the early outputs of the partnership and will build to show more about how the project is progressing.

tamar to exe map

This shows the boundary for the IBDA - it should be noted that the boundary is fuzzy and only representative.

To help progress the project a small group of organisations have come together to help move things forward. More information about temporary arrangements to help facilitate the project and useful contacts if you want to get involved please contact Cathy Fitzroy.

The Push Group organised a Summit Meeting on 31st March 2011 to work with others in the area to determine the role of the project and its future direction. The conference proceedings and presentations can be found here.