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Piloting landscape scale delivery

There are many examples of landscape scale delivery across the country (as well as in the SW - see comments box). To build on this experience the England Biodiversity Group are undertaking a national initiative to pilot integrated landscape scale delivery and different ways of working to achieve project aims. BioSW have worked closely with national and local partners to select one of our Biodiversity Delivery Areas to form part of this national pilot suite of eight Integrated Biodiversity Delivery Areas (IBDAs). The Tamar to Exe IBDA has been selected on the basis that it offers a good opportunity for demonstrating the landscape scale conservation approach and for testing different ways of working to achieve a collaborative integrated landscape scale delivery project. It has been selected on the basis that:

It incorporates two parts -

  • A social and GI element incorporating Plymouth and Torbay
  • Interlinking South Devon area incorporating rural/urban, coastal/marine, agriculture/nutrient management;

The emphasis will be on learning from what happens in this area and passing this experience on to help ensure successful delivery in all of the BDAs. Work is already underway in the Tamar to Exe IBDA which is beginning to identify the measures and practices needed to be successful. Lessons learnt here will be captured on this website alongside experiences from other landscape scale delivery running in the SW.

Landscape Scale Working in the South West

There are numerous examples of landscape scale working in the SW and much of the learning from this work will be captured on this website to help other projects develop successfully. Examples include: