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Biodiversity Information and Reporting Group (BIRG)

The aim of the Biodiversity Information and Reporting Group (BIRG) is to keep biodiversity information flowing in the South West through by:

  • Supporting and maintaining an overview of biodiversity monitoring in the South West;
  • Collating, interpreting and reporting on existing biodiversity information;
  • Maintaining an overview of South West biodiversity targets;
  • Providing information for County groups to use (for example in Local Area Agreements or in Local Strategic Partnerships). This is a key area of work;
  • Developing biodiversity indicators where appropriate;
  • Reporting on BAP habitats within SNAs;
  • Engaging with national Biodiversity Action Reporting System (BARS) development, and support LBAP use of BARS;
  • Being aware of wider ecological monitoring programmes, for example coastal monitoring, and ensuring biodiversity is included as appropriate;
  • Considering the development of SW BAP species targets.

BIRG membership comprises of representatives of organisations with a direct interest in biodiversity reporting and information, these include statutory agencies, regional bodies, commercial businesses and volunteer organisations.

Date Minutes Papers
15/12/08 BIRG Agenda 15/12/08 (PDF 73kb)
PSA 28 (PPT 41kb)
31/07/08 BIRG Agenda 31/10/08 (PDF 73kb)
Presentation 1 (PPT 49kb)
Presentation 2 (PPT 33kb)
Presentation 2 with comments (PPT 52kb)
Presentation 3 (PPT 20kb)
20/02/08 BIRG Agenda 20/0208 (PDF 73kb)
03/10/07 BIRG Minutes 03/10/07 (PDF 32kb) BIRG Agenda 03/10/07 (PDF 73kb)
19/06/07 BIRG Minutes 19/06/07 (PDF 28kb) BIRG Agenda 19/06/07 (PDF 41kb)
21/03/07 BIRG Minutes 21/03/07 (PDF 38kb) BIRG Agenda 21/03/07(PDF 42kb)