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The Planning and Development Sector Group

The vision for the Planning and Development Sector Group is for "nature conservation to be fully incorporated in the new, more spatially oriented, land-use planning system. All towns and cities to maximise the contribution areas of natural green space make to biodiversity, thereby enhancing the quality of life of urban residents, workers and visitors. Gardens to be valued as biodiversity resources in their own right".

The group has the following objectives:

  • To ensure that planning decisions take full account of biodiversity and avoid negative outcomes;
  • To co-ordinate the management and enhancement of natural green spaces;
  • To improve access to natural green spaces;
  • To enhance people's awareness of wildlife in the urban area; and
  • To involve communities in biodiversity creation and management in their own areas.
Date Minutes Papers
10/09/08 PADSG Agenda 10/09/08 (PDF 69kb)
Proposed Changes Initial Thoughts (PDF 62kb)
DRAFT Green Infrastructure Task Group(PDF 57kb)
20/02/08 PADSG Minutes 20/02/08 (PDF 32kb)
03/10/07 PADSG Minutes 03/10/07 (PDF 31kb)
15/06/07 PADSG Minutes 15/06/07 (PDF 25kb)
07/02/07 PADSG Minutes 07/02/07 (PDF 24kb)
18/08/06 PADSG Minutes 18/08/06 (PDF 24kb)