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Woodlands and Foresty Sector Group

Update - Woodlands and Forestry Group Jan 09 - This Woodlands and Forestry group will from January 09 effectively become a 'sub-group' of the wider RFF Delivery Group on an as and when basis. It will continue to operate as an occasional 'e-group' and will get together, when necessary, to promote/organise task specific woodland biodiversity. In addition, it may well be that such specific woodland biodiversity actions will need to be taken up as a result of the RFF refresh. But the group will no longer operate on a regular meeting basis. If you would like to be added to the mailing list please contact the Regional Biodiversity Co-ordinator.

The vision of the Woodlands and Foresty sector group is to have "woodlands and forests protected, managed and created to enhance both woodland and non-woodland habitats and species populations, which at the same time provide sustainable good, environmental services and recreational benefits enhancing people's quality of life".

Objectives for this group include:

  • The protection of native and ancient woodland from unnecessary damage;
  • The enhancement, extension and restoration of the existing native and ancient woodland resource;
  • To realise the broader social and economic benefits of woodland biodiversity; and
  • To manage non-native woodland to improve biodiversity in the wider landscape.
Date Minutes Papers
19/11/08 WAFSG Agenda 19/11/08 (PDF 41kb)
WAFSG Notes 19/11/08 (PDF 73kb)
Water and Woodlands Seminar Proposal Notes (PDF 48kb)
Notes On The Future Of WAFG November 2008 (PDF 21kb)
19/05/08 WAFSG Minutes 19/05/08 (PDF 61kb) WAFSG Agenda 19/05/08 (PDF 41kb)
25/02/08 WAFSG Minutes 25/02/08 (PDF 30kb)
30/10/07 WAFSG Minutes 30/10/07 (PDF 52kb)
26/01/07 WAFSG Minutes 26/01/07 (PDF 27kb)
10/10/06 WAFSG Minutes 10/10/06 (PDF 28kb)