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Water and Wetlands Sector Group

The vision for the Water and Wetlands sector group is to have "healthy and biologically rich rivers, lakes and wetlands in a landscape managed for the sustainable use of water. This means taking an integrated approach to land and water management, with active support from local communities, recognising and benefiting from the social, economic and environmental gains".

Objectives for this group include:

  • Managing water and wetlands using an integrated and sustainable approach to increase biodiversity;
  • Continuing improvements in water quality, including minimising diffuse pollution by reducing run off of water and soil from farmland;
  • Ensuring regional priorities and strategies promote the conservation and enhancement of rivers, wetlands and coasts;
  • Restoring degraded rivers and wetlands to provide multiple social, economic and environmental benefits, and open up opportunities for tourism and recreation linked to the water environment; and
  • Raising awareness of the value of green spaces alongside rivers through our towns and cities resulting in the creation of urban river corridors.
Date Minutes Papers
28/09/07 Water For Wildlife 28/09/07 (PDF 24kb)
14/03/07 WAWSG Minutes 14/03/07 (PDF 20kb)
13/09/06 WAWSG Minutes 13/09/06 (PDF 19kb)
09/06 WAWSG Terms Of Reference 09/06 (PDF 16kb)
17/05/05 WAWSG Minutes 17/05/05 (PDF 60kb)
13/10/04 WAWSG Minutes 13/10/04 (PDF 68kb)