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Strategic Nature Area profiles for Devon

The Strategic Nature Areas (SNAs) of the South West Nature Map identify landscape-scale areas where there is opportunity for both the maintenance and, crucially, the expansion of priority BAP habitat. As such, they collectively represent an extremely useful aid to targeting nature conservation action.

However, they are essentially just boundaries on a map with the primary habitat highlighted. More information is required by the user of the South West Nature Map if these SNAs are to fulfil their potential to guide the delivery of nature conservation projects, Green Infrastructure mapping, local development planning and so on.

By including some of this additional information, the SNA profiles allow a greater understanding of these areas. They include:

  • A general summary of the nature conservation interest
  • A summary of the nature conservation designations within the SNA
  • Maintenance targets for BAP habitats
  • Theoretical restoration targets
  • Mapping of nature conservation designations and available BAP habitat information

Using local knowledge, many of the SNA profiles will be further developed to include details about the practical opportunities for and constraints to nature conservation action on the ground.

The SNA profiles are arranged by local planning authority (LPA). Those that straddle the border of two or more LPAs are listed under each of the authorities they fall within. As a rule, profiles have only been produced for those SNAs that are wholly within Devon.

The SNA profiles are currently in draft form. If you have any comments on the profiles, individually or collectively, please do send them to the Devon BAP Co-ordinator at nature@devon.gov.uk. Any such comments will be gratefully received.

Please note that the information within the profiles was based on that available at the time of production. The profiles are designed to give a flavour of the nature conservation interest within the SNAs but they are not comprehensive records of that interest. Lack of reference to a habitat or species should not be taken as proof that it is not present within the SNA.

You are recommended to read the 'SNA profiles - explanatory guidance' for further details of the information contained within the profiles.

To view the profiles click on the unique number link for the relevant profile in the tables below, and this will open a PDF document with the details.