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  • Key
  • bullseye Group of SNAs
  • inverted teardrop placemarker Single SNA
  • Woodland
  • Chalk Downland
  • Limestone Grassland
  • Neutral Grassland
  • Purple Moor Grass and Rush Pasture
  • Upland Heath
  • Lowland Heath
  • Coastal and Floodplain Grazing Marsh
  • Standing Open Water
  • Coastal Habitats
  • Mosaic of Habitats
  • River Network
  • Other

Nature Map

Instructions are below The Map. Please note some functionality is currently disabled while an upgrade is taking place.

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SNA Transparency:

How to use the Map

The areas of the SNAs are shown on The Map by coloured areas. The transparency of these areas can be adjusted by using the buttons in the blue bar at the top of The Map; 100%, 75%, 50%, 25%, 0%. The default is set to 50%, which is what you will see when you first load The Map. The colours of the areas indicate the nature of the SNA; details of these colours can be found in the key to the left of The Map.

In addition to each SNA having a coloured area on The Map, each SNA has a marker. There are two types of marker, a black and white "bullseye" bullseye, and a green inverted teardrop inverted teardrop placemarker. The "bullseye" indicates that there are too many SNAs to be displayed individually at that scale of The Map. Click on the "bullseye" to zoom in (This functionality is temporarily disabled while an upgrade is taking place.). The green inverted teardrop is a marker for an individual SNA. Click on this for a Google Maps "pop-up" with summary information about the SNA, which also includes a link for more detailed information.

To search for SNAs use the Search Nature Map button, also located in tbe blue bar above The Map. You can search by name, number, primary habitat, secondary habitat and county.

Advanced functions such as editing SNA details will be available to registered users soon. If you think you should be a registered user please contact us.